Insurance Services

Here at Touch Of Class Collision we are a full service facility. We will walk you through a claim process, help you fill out all required paperwork, answer any questions that you may have and we will always be here before, during, and after the repair to assist you.

Auto insurance can be confusing and all insurance companies are not the same in many ways. Because we work with every insurance company on a regular basis, we know each one very well. We can tell you the pros and cons of each insurance company and explain how each one will handle your claim.

We are a Direct Repairer for a select group of insurance companies. Our guidelines to who we will work directly with are stringent on one key philosophy- Allow us to repair the car using safety and quality as the benchmarks with cost coming in third. There are some companies that have different philosophies than that, while we still work with them on your behalf, we do not have a direct relationship with them.

Collision Repair Bill of Rights

It's Your Right To Know

Section 167C of the New York State Law states YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have your car repaired in the registered shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot direct you otherwise.

You may legally designate your repair shop to negotiate a fair claim settlement with your insurance company.

The insurance company has six business days after proper notification to inspect your car. If additional damage is found after dismantling, the insurance company has two business days to re-inspect after proper notification.

Your insurance company must negotiate in good faith. You are entitled to a prompt fair settlement to repair your car to it's pre-accident condition. This includes parts of like, kind and quality equal to original equipment.

If the damages to your car are over $1,000.00 you must fill out a D. M. V. Form 104.

BY LAW you are not required to have your car repaired in a shop recommended by the insurance company.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to get one or more estimates.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to take your car to an insurance company's drive-in claim service.

No insurance company shall issue a check or draft in payment of claim, implying acceptance of such as final or binding.

Anyone who estimates collision damage in New York State must be licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and Insurance Department.

Total loss payment is calculated by averaging RED BOOK + N.A.D.A. values. Also calculated are additions for optional and accessory items and low mileage. Deductions for higher mileage, deleted options and certain motors are also calculated. Up to $100.00 may be deducted as Dealer Prep charges. You may request an evaluation work sheet.

Difference in repair estimates are common. Ask your shop to explain the method of repair.

Ask your shop if they are:
I-CAR Trained
A. S. E. Certified

The New York State Insurance Department regulates the insurance industry, including agents and brokers.

If you have a complaint or question you may direct it to the:

New York State Department of Insurance

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

We also are a photo inspection station for all insurance companies. Please call us for an appointment and while your photos are being taken we will tell you all about your new insurance company and their claim practices.